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Articles about the Beatles

Here are some articles about, or relating to the Beatles and their history.
Paul McCartney and John Lennon How John Lennon and Paul McCartney First Met
Ivan Vaughan, a mutual friend of both 15 year old Paul McCartney and 16 year old John Lennon, makes a historic introduction
Buddy Holly How Did The Beatles Get Their Name?
Influenced by Buddy Holly's Crickets, the name "Beetles" is born thanks to Stuart Sutcliffe and John Lennon
Ed Sullivan and The Beatles The Beatles American Debut on The Ed Sullivan Show
The most pivotal moment in Beatles history, helping to catapult them to international fame
The Beatles holding albums A Few Interesting Facts and Trivia About The Beatles
There are a lot of interesting facts and trivial tidbits about the Beatles and here are just a few
The Beatles in front of USA flag Why The Beatles Are The Greatest Rock and Roll Band
Because of their innovations in how they recorded their albums, The Beatles are revered by rock critics and fans alike
Pete Best former Beatles drummer Whatever Happened To Former Beatle Pete Best?
The original Beatles drummer of two years is replaced by Ringo Starr as success is on the horizon
The Beatles reading the Sunday Mirror


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