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    The Beatles “Any Time at All” featuring photos of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song is credited to both writers though it is mainly composed by Lennon. The Beatles recorded the track on June 2, 1964.

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    ‘Paul and me were the Beatles’ – A series of exclusive interviews with John Lennon have now been published, giving an insight into the star’s views on his bandmate Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles’ split.

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    The Beatles had Rickenbacker guitars and Rickenbacker guitars had the Beatles : The Beatles and Their Rickenbacker Guitars by Björn Eriksson – “Would The Beatles have had their great success without the Rickenbacker guitars? Of course they would! Whether Rickenbacker guitars would have had their great success without the Beatles is an interesting question about which we can only speculate. A more valuable and interesting pursuit would be to explore the importance of Rickenbackers in the music of the Beatles. We will never get a chance to know for sure out so let´s drop the speculations here and now! Instead let us look back!…”

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    The Beatles and their beards – an interesting observation of the band member’s facial hair by beard enthusiast Michael Buchino.

    The Beatles Moustache Index :

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    The 7 Most Important Beatles Songs by Paul McCartney – “I feel that Paul McCartney is unfairly marginalized by many modern rock critics and other uninformed dolts. McCartney was every bit as important to the Beatles success as Lennon was. Yet Lennon’s martyr status and his reputation from things like his “Bed In For Peace” with Yoko Ono seems to have caused a bit of revisionist history. That’s why in this piece I’m going to be focusing in on Paul McCartney’s songwriting contributions to the Beatles…”
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