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"There are only four people who knew what the Beatles were about anyway."
Paul McCartney

"The postman wants an autograph. The cab driver wants a picture. The waitress wants a handshake. Everyone wants a piece of you."
John Lennon

"I wanted to be successful, not famous."
George Harrison

“Everybody loves you when you're six foot in the ground.”
John Lennon, from his song 'Nobody Loves You'

"Music's all right John, but you'll never make a living out of it."
John Lennon's Aunt Mimi Smith

“We didn't all get into music for a job! We got into music to avoid a job, in truth - and get lots of girls.”
Paul McCartney

Reporter: "The French have not made up their minds about the Beatles; what do you think of them?"
John Lennon: "Oh, we like the Beatles, they're gear"

“We thought that if we lasted for two to three years that would be fantastic.”
Ringo Starr

"The nicest thing is to open the newspapers and not to find yourself in them."
George Harrison

Question: "Are you scared when crowds scream at you?"
John Lennon: "More so in Dallas than in other places."
[A reference to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, just weeks before the Beatles arrived in America]

"Guilt for being rich, and guilt thinking that perhaps love and peace isn't enough and you have to go and get shot or something."
John Lennon, 1980, the year John was shot

"It was Elvis who really got me hooked on beat music. When I heard "Heartbreak Hotel" I thought, this is it."
Paul McCartney

"We were the Spice Boys."
George Harrison

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."
John Lennon

"I'll play what you want or I won't play at all."
George Harrison to Paul during the recording of the "Let It Be" album

“So this is America. They must be out of their minds."
Ringo Starr, in 1964, arriving in America for the first time

Paul McCartney and John Lennon"I definitely did look up to John. We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest."
Paul McCartney

"Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it."
John Lennon

"Gene Autry was the most. It may sound like a joke - Go and have a look in my bedroom, It's covered with Gene Autry posters. He was my first musical influence."
Ringo Starr

"They gave their money and they gave their screams, but the Beatles kind of gave their nervous systems."
George Harrison in 1995 on Beatlemania

"George wrote Taxman, and I played guitar on it. He wrote it in anger at finding out what the taxman did. He had never known before then what could happen to your money."
Paul McCartney

"You have to be a bastard to make it, and that's a fact. And the Beatles are the biggest bastards on earth."
John Lennon

George Harrison and Ringo Starr"America has everything, why should they want us?"
George Harrison, 1964, as the Beatles proceed to conquer America

"We will miss George for his sense of love, his sense of music and his sense of laughter."
Ringo Starr

"At the end of the Beatles, I really was done in for the first time in my life. Until then, I really was a kind of cocky sod."
Paul McCartney

"In the end, this world will go under because of the stupidity of people."
George Harrison

Question: "There`s a "stamp out the Beatles movement" underway in Detroit. What are you going to do about it?"
Paul McCartney: "We`re going to start a campaign to stamp out Detroit."

"We reckoned we could make it because there were four of us. None at us would've made it alone, because Paul wasn't quite strong enough, I didn't have enough girl-appeal, George was too quiet, and Ringo was the drummer. But we thought that everyone would be able to dig at least one of us, and that's how it turned out."
John Lennon

“Everything government touches turns to crap.”
Ringo Starr

"Rap music is just computerised crap. I listen to Top of the Pops and after three songs I feel like killing someone."
George Harrison

Question: "How do you feel about teenagers imitating you with Beatle wigs?"
John Lennon: "They are not imitating us, because we don`t wear Beatle wigs."

Question: "Does your hair require any special attention?"
John Lennon: "Inattention is the main thing."

Reporter: "Where did you get the idea for the haircuts?"
John Lennon: "Where'd you get the idea for yours?"

Reporter: "What execuse have you for collar-length hair?"
John Lennon: "Well, it just grows out of yer head."

"I am alive and well and unconcerned about the rumors of my death. But if I were dead, I would be the last to know."
Paul McCartney, 1969

Question: "What did you think when your airliner`s engine began smoking as you landed today?"
Ringo Starr: "Beatles, women and children first!"

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