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Please DO NOT place any of these wallpapers on your website! These are a BeatlesLane exclusive, so please link to this page if you wish for others to have access to these Beatles wallpapers.

Wallpaper - The Beatles Quotes
Beatles Quotes
1280x1024 (232 KB)
1024x768 (194 KB)

Features Beatles quotes taken from these BeatlesLane pages: Quotes 1 - Quotes 2
Wallpaper - The Beatles First U.S. Concert
The Beatles First U.S. Concert
1024x768 (144 KB)

February 11, 1964, the Beatles perform their 1st U.S. concert at the Washington Coliseum, Washington, DC
Wallpaper - John Lennon - New York City
John Lennon - "New York City"
1024x768 (146 KB)

John Lennon in his famous New York City T-shirt and posing in front of the Statue of Liberty.
Wallpaper - The Beatles Flower Beds
The Beatles - "Flower Beds"
1024x768 (150 KB)
800x600 (112 KB)

The early Beatles posing around some flower beds.

Wallpaper - The Beatles 1969
The Beatles - 1969
1024x768 (144 KB)

The Beatles circa 1969, which was their last full year as a band. They would break up a few months into 1970.

Wallpaper - The Beatles White Album
The Beatles - 'White Album'
1024x768 (181 KB)

The 1968 album simply named 'The Beatles', but much better known as 'The White Album'.

Wallpaper - The Beatles - 1967 moustaches
The Beatles - 1967
1024x768 (165 KB)

The Beatles in 1967, when they all sported moustaches. Well, except when Paul had to be different from the others :)

Wallpaper - The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles - 'A Hard Day's Night'
1024x768 (161 KB)
800x600 (122 KB)

Pictures from the Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night' UK and USA album covers.

Wallpaper - The Beatles - On Stage
The Beatles - "On Stage"
1024x768 (171 KB)

Featuring the Beatles on stage during their live performance years.

Wallpaper - The Beatles - Grid of Avatars
The Beatles - "Grid of Avatars" (color)
1024x768 (302 KB)
800x600 (196 KB)

A wallpaper featuring some of our world famous avatars.

Wallpaper - The Beatles - Grid of Avatars
The Beatles - "Grid of Avatars" (b & w)
1024x768 (237 KB)
800x600 (151 KB)

Same as the above wallpaper, but in black & white.

Wallpaper - Paul McCartney - The Beatles
Paul McCartney
1024x768 (132 KB)
Wallpaper - Ringo Starr - The Beatles
Ringo Starr
1024x768 (137 KB)
Wallpaper - George Harrison - The Beatles
George Harrison
1024x768 (135 KB)
Wallpaper - John Lennon - The Beatles
John Lennon
1024x768 (130 KB)
Wallpaper - John & Yoko Lennon
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Lennon
1024x768 (132 KB)
Beatles Group Avatars
John Lennon Avatars
Paul McCartney Avatars
George Harrison Avatars
Ringo Starr Avatars
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